Seeking beta tester

Please help me to create a great App and become a beta tester.


What are the benefits for you?

  1. You can be one of the first who can try out the new features.
  2. You get always the newest App version for free with unlimited fixtures and DMX channels.
  3. You can shape the app. Your feedback has a big impact onimprovement and development.
  4. You will receive free tutoring in how to use the Stagelight app and basics on lighting setup.

If you'd like to help, please send the following information to beta (at) and include:

What do I expect from you

Use the App for your Lighting Project and give me your feedback:


You need at least an iPad with minimum iOS9. You are a King, if you have:


If you don't have this special hardware you can only do something like "dry swimming" ;)
...but it would help!

If you are into DIYand if you have an Arduino Board & Ethernet Shield it is very easy to create cheap testing hardware (I can tell you how).